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"Consider your headshot as an essential marketing tool for your personal brand"


We are programmed to form opinions within seconds of meeting someone, so making the right first impression has always been important. In the past a sharp suit, shiny shoes and a firm handshake helped to get things off to a good start. These days, we are more likely to get a first impression from a LinkedIn profile or a website image. For this reason, there has been no better time to invest in the services of a professional photographer.



Your corporate headshot will be seen by clients, prospects, partners, employers and recruitment agencies. In addition to looking professional, it must also reflect your role and your personality, so you can stand out from the crowd. The right image not only shows you at your best, but also provides reassurance of your professionalism and credibility.


The thought of having your photo taken may make you feel self-conscious, but I always aim to make it an enjoyable experience. As an experienced photographer, you can trust me to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera. A relaxed environment allows me to create a great image that really represents you.


Studio Photography

You are welcome to visit my designated studio in Buckinghamshire for your corporate headshot. I offer a choice of background colours and use specialist equipment and digital technology to capture your image.


Location Photography

Alternatively it might be more convenient for me to bring my portable studio to your premises. This is especially valuable if you want everyone in your team to have a headshot taken. I can set up in almost any interior or exterior space and incorporate a backdrop of your choice.

If your profession isn’t suited to an office environment, I can come to an indoor or outdoor location of your choice. If you aren’t comfortable with a formal pose, you might prefer me to take shots of you in action. This can be a great opportunity to showcase your skills.


"Make sure you're the person that others

want to buy from or hire"

If it is time to promote your personal brand and ensure that you always make the right first impression, please get in touch to discuss availability and for a no obligation quote.

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