The Value of Commercial Photography

A photographer can be seen as an artist, someone who frames what is in front of them in an ideal light. However, it takes more than a good eye for detail and incredible timing to be a commercial photographer.

"Commercial photography provides a visual image which is much easier to communicate than a concept"

Commercial photography is all about making items highly desirable so people are encouraged to buy them. For this reason, it requires an understanding of marketing and of the target audience. You need to be able to capture the atmosphere or environment in the image, so it is clearly communicated to the viewer.

"When done well, commercial photography grabs attention, creates desire, inspires action, and generates leads"


From my Buckinghamshire studio to exotic locations around the world, I've worked as a commercial photographer since 2000. I've been employed by small start-ups through to global market leaders. I have put their products, services and employees in the best light in order that they can gain the competitive edge.

My images have enhanced web pages, brochures, exhibition stands and other publicity materials. If it's time to put your company in the spotlight, please contact me for a no obligation quote and to discuss availability.

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