Sports Photography

"Capturing the moment forever"


Sports photography is one of the few remaining pure forms of documentary photography. All the action occurs in a split second, so a photographer needs a keen eye, cat-like reflexes and an uncanny talent for predicting what?s about to happen.


I combine my photographic experience and specialist camera, with research to build my knowledge of the sport to capture beautifully timed images of amateur and professional sporting events.

 Whether you want to capture the strength of spirit of a team challenge, the fast pace of a race or the elegance of gymnastics and dance, I have the skills to get in on the action. If you want memories of triumphantly of crossing the finish line, the determination of someone fighting against the odds, or the blood sweat and tears that have been sacrificed for success, I promise never to disappoint.


Recognising Sporting Achievement

If you organise sporting events, I create eye catching images which can be used to promote future events on your website, in brochures and on other publicity materials.

I can photograph participants in a triathlon, charity challenge, equestrian competition, or any other sporting event so they can buy an action shot as a memory of their achievement. These can be uploaded onto a secure website for purchases after the event.

Team photos are another area of sports photography where I have gained extensive experience. From school sports teams, to professional players I can provide a record of the winning team to grace any wall as a record of great achievements.


League Matches, Sports Days, Training Camps, Cup Finals, endurance challenges, Charity fundraisers and World Records, no matter what your sport, I?ll ensure that great sporting achievements will always be remembered.


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